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Through Oakstone Insights, we provide our clients with timely and relevant topic-based discussions that address the questions and concerns that many Canadian investors have every day. You will hear from various members of our team at Oakstone, along with numerous special guests throughout the year.

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Cybersecurity Incident at Mackenzie Investments

Owners Ray Kalvaitis and Leah Brouwers address the cybersecurity incident that occurred at Mackenzie Investments. They discuss what transpired, who it affects, and recommended next steps.

Exciting News!

We have been named as one of the Finalists for the 2023 Burlington Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards and we are delighted!

May 2023

Time the market or stay the course?

Ray Kalvaitis, Senior Financial Planner at Oakstone Wealth, discusses reasons why we stick with our investment strategies during volatile periods and shows us why trying to “time the market” is not often recommended.

October 2022

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