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Help our clients reach their financial goals with peace of mind.

Choose to work with Oakstone Wealth and you’re choosing a relationship. One in which personalized attention and an understanding of your specific goals is our springboard.

Choose to work with us, & you’re choosing a strategic approach to getting to your goals, not trend-chasing. We design your portfolio based on your priorities & manage it, hands-on to optimize your investment.


We are not exclusive to any bank or fund so we come with no-strings-attached.


We make your financial goals a personal priority. We get to know you, learn what makes you tick, uncover your dreams, and help you sketch a plan that makes them a reality.


We have been in business for over 40 years, through several economic cycles with proven successful methods.


We tailor plans to suit your stage-of-life, plans and milestones.


We follow the Personal Wealth Management Strategy, a disciplined process designed to help us plan and keep your plans on track.


We believe in financial plans that work for you. Getting you to your life's ideals and goals is the stuff that makes us excited.


Why should you choose us?

Pull up a chair, and let us tell you our story.


Meet the Team

Ray Kalvaitis, B.Com(Hons), MBA, FLMI, CFP®

Financial Planner

Leah Brouwers, B.A Econ, CFP®

Financial Planner


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In our news and blog sections, we provide valuable insights into the financial world from our experts.

Money Facts 2022

26 January, 2022

Money Facts 2022

Important Facts You'll Want to Know
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12 January, 2022

Money Dates 2022

Keep on top of important financial dates and deadlines for tax returns, OAS, CPP benefit payments, and more with our guide.
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Letter from Corrado Tiralongo

5 January, 2022

Final Look at 2021 and Our Outlook for 2022

For me, 2022 brings great hope and anticipation for the possibilities and obstacles that a new year will bring.
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The Value of Advice

One-and-done is not how financial plans work. Life takes you places, priorities change, and your plans need to keep up. That’s where independent advisors, like us, can help keep you on your financial course.
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The Cost of Advice

Understanding the different fee models and what each gets you is the start of any good planning exercise.
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